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How We Certify

How We Certify down arrow

To become recognised as a Top Employer, your organisation will be evaluated according to entry criteria. Once approved, you will participate in the HR Best Practices Survey and then become recognised as a Top Employer, certifying your organisation for its people practices. You will also receive valuable, comparative feedback on your HR activities and gain insight into other organisations' people practices.

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We ask the right questions. 

The HR Best Practices Survey looks at over 600 people practices and is based on 10 topics which cover key HR themes including various topics focused on people practices. To be eligible for participation, your organisation must have at least 250 local or 2 500 international employees, as well as advanced, formalised HR practices.



The proof is in the data.  

Our thorough evaluation process is accurate and in depth, and this ensures that the validation of the HR Best Practices Survey responses is completed objectively and with integrity.  

  • Validation of the provided answers and supplemental proof.
  • Review of the consolidated results.
  • Independent external audit of the certification process.
  • Objective scoring based on the final results.




Recognition well deserved.  

Your organisation will join over 1 600 top companies around the world who proudly display the certification seal. 

If your organisation is certified as a Top Employer across several countries, your local entities may be eligible for certification at a regional or even global level, in addition to being certified as Top Employers in their country. Regional and global certifications offer additional recognition to employers focused on advancing employee conditions within their entire organisation.




Learning from feedback is key. 

This benchmark information provides you with an understanding of where your organisation stands in your people practices and how your scoring compares to other leading employers. 

  • Feedback reports
  • Access to insights through our HR Best Practices Survey and HR Trend reports. 

Become a recognised Top Employer

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